RangeMaster 36


rm36featuredPrice: RM 36 / RM 36 RTW – $624.99 ordernow | SHIPS FREE!
Dimensions: 36”x36”x16”
Weight: 300lbs
For Field Point Use Only / NO BROADHEADS


  • No Messy Clean Up
  • Eliminate Pass Through Shots
  • Weather Proof
  • Great for teaching novice shooters
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Extremely Long Durability
  • Uses Patented Dura-Coat Protective Technology

The Range Master 36 by ArroLast is the tough little brother to the RM48. It is the same thickness as the RM 48, just a little smaller face. This target was developed to be easier to move due to trimming the overall weight of the RM48 by over 200lbs. At 36” Square, you still get a very big target face to shoot at making it ideal for beginning archers and/or advanced archers that like to shoot from long distances. The RangeMaster 36 is designed to stop any of today’s heaviest and fastest arrows from any bow.

This target is the most durable weather proof target on the market and will take over 100,000 arrows. Using a patented bonding process, the multilayer target is weather proof. This coating allows you to set the target up outside and uncovered for years without it breaking down. You will extend the life of your RangeMaster 36 by covering it and keeping it dry. The RM 36 is a big heavy target that will allow you to leave it outside year round without fear of theft or blowing over. This is a heavy duty commercial target that is now available for consumers.