Mini 20


mini20featuredPrice: Mini 20 – $199.99 ordernow | SHIPS FREE!
Dimensions: 20”x20”x12”
Weight: 80lbs
For Field Point Use Only / NO BROADHEADS


  • No Messy Clean Up
  • Eliminate Pass Through Shots
  • Weather Proof
  • Great for advanced shooters
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Extremely Long Durability
  • Uses Patented Dura-Coat Protective Technology

The Mini 20 portable target by ArroLast is the newest edition to the RM series line up.  The Mini 20 is ideal for personal use and short range practicing. This little target boasts almost all of the same qualities of the bigger targets. Some of the most notable are the shot after shot durability, weather resistance and no pass through shots. The Mini 20 is easier to store, easier to take with you and perfect for shooting in camp.